While still writing, George is also an Executive Producer working on four film projects, each in the $1.5-2 million range: one completed and distributed, one currently in production.

He wrote and co-produced FREEFALL COPS, an Internet show for mobile devices.

His fiction has appeared in many publications, including Identitytheory.com, WordriotMaverick Press, Street News, and Glass Cases, among others. He also has published numerous articles and essays that have appeared in Texas Journey, New York Press, the Houston Chronicle, Austin American-Statesman, Austin Monthly, the Santa Fe Reporter and Twins Magazine, to name a few.

His one-act play, FORTUNE COOKIE, was produced in New York at the Riant Theatre and the American Theatre of Actors. His full-length play, THE RIBBON BOX, had a staged reading at the New Plays Festival at the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin, Texas.

He also co-wrote JUST AS YOU ARE, a children’s musical produced by Austin Children’s Theater, and the comedy film shorts DAN’S THE MAN and HARMONY IN THE HILLS, which won a Silver Medal at the 2006 Park City Film Music Festival and also played at the Faux Film Festival and the 2006 SXSW/Reel Women Showcase. George produced both films.

He is currently shopping two screenplays. Follow him on Twitter.


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