Highland Park Creative Writing Club – Fall 2013

Introducing another member of the talented group of creative writers at Highland Park Elementary, Claire Rogelio!
This is the beginning of a longer piece she’s working on titled “Detention.”




Here we go again. Down two flights of stairs and to the right. The door says: “Detention.”

Oh, hi, let me introduce myself. I am Kate. I may look nice and never get in trouble often, but I go to Detention every day. I think it is because…

“Kate, come here now!”

“Coming Mom!”

“Kate, if I have told you once I have told you 100 times: Do not glue your teachers to their chairs!”

“OK, but…”

“No buts. Go to your room.”

As I was saying, I think it is because they hate me, and only me.

Some of the things I have done – on the first day of school I put a fake worm in Mrs. Bums’ apple that I gave her. I also stole her key and locked her in the greenhouse with snakes and spiders. Then I put a whoopie cushion on her chair. The whole class was laughing. That was only what I did on the first day. Oh, I know what I am going to do tomorrow… I am going to put super duper glue on my teacher’s new shoes so she has to walk around barefooted. 


“Kate, come here now!” yells Mrs. Bums.

“Yes, Mrs. Bums?”

“Kate, get my new shoes unstuck now.”

“Mrs. Bums, I’m afraid to tell you but… they’re stuck there for good.”




I have a plan to escape from detention. The plan is that I will unlock the window and jump out and then – Home, Sweet, Home.

“Mrs. Ashe, I think there’s a rat in the vent.”


Now it’s time to go home. Wait, I am going to go out the front of the school since no one is here.

“Kate, you are home early,” said mom.

“Yeah, I know.”

“What did you do to go to detention and how did you escape?” asked mom.

“I did nothing,” I replied.

“Are you sure? Because Mrs. Bums called me and said you glued her new 100 dollar shoes to the floor so you are suspended for two days.”


“Oh, and Kate… no electronics for the rest of the month.”


“No buts. Go up to your room now.”


To be continued…


3 Responses to “Highland Park Creative Writing Club – Fall 2013”

  1. TW Says:

    Way to go Claire. Would love some of that super duper glue! Ms. Workman. Keep writing!

  2. Parka Says:

    Such a fun story! I can’t wait to see how it ends!
    It’s great to see what you’re doing for these kids, George. I know they’ll be able to look back and really appreciate it.
    Lots of love,

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Cute story! What a fun class for the kids!

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