FreeFall Cops!


FreeFall Cops – A :90 second cop show –
right in the palm of your hand!

I am happy to announce that FreeFall Cops, our :90 second episodic series for iphone and iPad, is now available in the App store.



My friend, and FreeFall Cops director, Phil Hardage came up with the concept and I wrote the story:

A ruthless Mexican drug cartel moves into an American city. Cartel violence is at an all-time high. Something has to be done. One veteran cop and his “off the grid” squad fight for justice – and try to stay alive. Losing is not an option and nobody has their backs.

Watch the trailer here and hit the icon at the top left of the page to go to the App store. The 99 cent app gives you Series 1, Episodes 1-5 in HD.

We’re already at work on Series 2… Stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy Series 1! Rate and write a review, and tell your friends to buy, like, share, post, and tweet, please.

Thanks so much!




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One Response to “FreeFall Cops!”

  1. Ricardo Says:

    Great idea, George. Hope everything is working out.

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