New Year — New Books!

Happy New Year!

Each January I get excited about the many books I’m planning to read in the coming year! Below are the first three on my reading table (more to come!):

A Sport and a Pastime (James Salter)

Brief synopsis: An ill-fated love affair between an American boy and a French girl set against the backdrop of a small French town. This was Salter’s third novel, published in 1967.

Out of My League (George Plimpton)

Brief synopsis: Before a post-season All-Star game in 1958, Plimpton, America’s favorite sports dilettante, took to the mound to try his arm against the likes of Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Ernie Banks, and others, in what turned out to be a nearly humiliating end.

End of the Affair (Graham Greene – have been meaning to read this for a while; I loved The Power and the Glory)

Brief synopsis: Set in London during and just after World War II, the novel examines the obsessions, jealousy and discernments between the three main characters.

I’m also looking forward to reading Freedom (Franzen) and Room (Donoghue), a couple of novels that made many reading lists for 2010.

Also, here’s Laura Miller’s fun link about Reading Challenges. What are you reading as we dive into 2011? I look forward to your comments.

One more thing … I’m excited about attending the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York, Jan. 21-23.

Thanks for reading.


5 Responses to “New Year — New Books!”

  1. Lizard Says:

    Hello. Nice to hear the books you plan on reading. Currently, I’m reading your blog, of course, and Frankenstein. So gothic…

  2. Yulia Says:

    Always looking for new books to read. Will check out your recommendations. Currently a fan of T C Boyle and Isabel Allende 🙂

    • 4george6 Says:

      Hi Yulia! Very nice to meet you and thanks for your comment! I’m also a fan of T.C. Boyle (have read The Tortilla Curtain, Road to Wellville and many of his stories in the New Yorker). I also liked House of the Spirits by Allende. Both are very good writers. Are you on Twitter or Facebook? I usually post there when I have a new blog post. Best, George.

  3. Yulia Says:

    I read everything by TC Boyle. Highly recommend Women and Water Music. I am hardly ever on facebook and not on twitter 🙂

    • George Ayres Says:

      “Women” is the biographical one about Frank Lloyd Wright, correct? That’s on my list. I’m hoping to put up a new blog post by this weekend so check back. Hope all is well with you. George.

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