Novel Recommendation #1 (Egan)

Jennifer Egan’s first novel, The Invisible Circus, was published in 1995.

Below is a short summary from

In the summer of 1978, 18-year-old Phoebe is too young to know the 1960s but old enough to feel its influence. Living in San Francisco, Phoebe is obsessed by the memory of her older sister, Faith, a flower child who died in Italy in 1970. Searching for the truth about death and life, Phoebe follows Faith’s trail, and discovers it is larger and darker than one death.

I read the novel this past summer, enjoyed it very much and highly recommend it. It’s a compelling story with characters I cared about. It’s suspenseful, sensitive and extremely well written. In many places throughout the work, Egan’s prose is masterful.

Other works by Jennifer Egan include:
Emerald City (short story collection – 1993)
Look at Me (novel – 2001; finalist for the National Book Award
The Keep (novel – 2006)
A Visit from the Good Squad (novel – 2010)

Visit her website at:

If you’ve read this, let me know what you thought about it in the comments section below.

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