Every day you don’t write …

Every day you don’t write … the bastards win.

I first heard this phrase from a friend named David Carlisle. I was living in New York, struggling to survive as a writer.

David and I would meet occasionally for a cup of coffee or a drink. He was a good writer, more in the screenplay world than I was then, and had made a film in the early 70s to some critical acclaim. Despite working a day job in video production and freelance writing on the side, David managed to find the time to work on his own material every day. No matter what, David made sure that happened.

He was 25 or 30 years older than I was and whenever we met we traded feedback about our work. I remember feeling unqualified. Maybe I wasn’t sure I had enough experience, life or writing, to give him helpful suggestions or advice but still … I tried. And David took all criticism with an open mind, and was always grateful and appreciative.

Sometimes, if weeks or months would pass and we wouldn’t meet, he’d leave a message, curious about my various writing projects and he might close the call with that reminder:  Every day you don’t write… the bastards win.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of David over time but I’ve never forgotten that phrase. What does it mean? I don’t really know but whenever it pops into my mind I think: There’s David and he’s right … I better get to work.

Mr. Carlisle: This post was for you. Wherever you are.

Happy Holidays to all!

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “Every day you don’t write …”

  1. Greg Randle Says:

    George has a blog now! It’s about time. 🙂
    Scotch tasting Jan 16 @ 18:00 hours.

  2. 4george6 Says:

    I know. Finally! Scotch tasting … Scotch tasting …

  3. Mary Akers Says:


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