The Beginning…

OK … so this is where it starts. I think. First post, Nov. 13, 2009. At home with my girls. It’s been a long week and they’ve got exams coming up next week. Going to try and post something significant here weekly, mostly about the writing life; projects, progression of the novel, adventures of GDCW, etc. Let’s try this… Go!


2 Responses to “The Beginning…”

  1. Ayres Girls Says:

    hi pops. nice to see you getting out in the world.. one post at a time. we’re voting for you for best blog of the year so make us proud!!!!!!!

  2. Ayres Girls Says:

    By George, it’s George! It’s me! Frank! From college! Remember me?!?! How’s life these days? How’s your Thanksgiving Break going? (If you get a break.) For all I know, you could be living on the streets! But then how would have this page?…
    So many questions, so little time! I would sure love to catch up with you sometime soon. Send me a reply ASAP!
    (Li; Ha; Ph; Mi)

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